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My name is Mathea and I used to live in Mid-Coast Maine. This is a wonderful area for the arts and raising a family. We are very fortunate to have wonderful museums, galleries, and amazing, inspirational scenery. Now I live in Oamaru, New Zealand and it is an adventure in colour and shape the instant I walk out the door. New Zealand has a natural beauty that is totally different from that of coastal Maine. It still has that laid back cruisy feel that we loved about mid coast Maine, but with a subtropical twist.

Art is one of my passions, and fiber is just one amazing medium. It is such a fun and tactile way to explore and express. It can be sewn, glued, cut, painted, felted, etc... There are so many things that can be done and so many types of fiber to use. My current personal favorite is to paint on fabric with Tsukineko inks, Acrylic inks, or any of the Derwent Inktense products, and then quilt the daylights out of it. Recently, I have been working with Jacquard Textile paints and they are a blast! There is more to learn and more to try as there is a never ending supply of fun things to play with out there... I will keep experimenting.

Large scale murals are another passion! I enjoy painting large pieces, buildings, or walls. Most of my work in this format has been done here in Kerikeri, New Zealand and features bright, cheery flora and fauna.

The subject matter that I choose is mostly from my life experiences and my general surroundings. My husband enjoys photography and I will often use his photos as inspiration or use some of the photos from my past. IE: China photos.

I spent a year in China during 1988 and 1989. China was a very different country then. My experience was immensely enjoyable and hope that others will make the effort to learn about this very vast and diverse country. The experience made a huge and positive impact upon my life and I love to recreate some of my memories into fiber.

My son is another source of inspiration and as he grows and changes there is always something else quilt worthy happening.

Another great source of inspiration is my job as a skating coach. Figure skating is one of my passions and while I cannot easily come by ice time here in New Zealand it will continue to inspire me.

I think that is probably enough about me... Thank you again for stopping by Esparta Fiber Arts.

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